Sunday, 22 Jul 2018

8 Garage Door Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents & Impacts

The heaviest moving item on a residential property is a garage door. It is also the most neglected part in terms of safety which makes it extremely dangerous. We are often unaware of the potency of injury that can be caused by it.

According to surveys, on an average at least 1 in 15 garage doors do not function correctly or efficiently.

Many a times we ignore getting a broken garage door fixed or delay its maintenance to save money, only to pay a higher price later. Accidents can also occur with a perfectly working door because of our carelessness or unawareness.

The most number of injuries are caused in the age group of 35- 44 year olds. Annually, 60.2% out of 10, 580 injuries due to garage doors occur to males whereas 39.8% occur to females.

It is important to dedicate some time periodically to ensure the correct functioning of the garage door and to educate family members, especially children, about every related aspect.

Timely maintenance of garage doors would subside chances of accidents. An expert should immediately be called in on discovery of any fault or ill- functioning.

It is shocking to know that annually, 42.38% injuries occur to fingers, 14.58% are head injuries, 11.42% are hand related, 5.41% are face injuries and 4.46% are lower trunk injuries.

The US Federal Law has made it compulsory for garage doors to have a reverse feature. The above mentioned stats should not be taken lightly and garage door safety should always be a top priority.

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