Hot decor trends which will make your visitor’s jaw drop when they enter your home

Bought one of the most luxurious 3 bhk flats in Pune, but still can’t decide what interior design you want? Some people have no clue about designing their own house. You are in difficult situation where you like many, but can’t finalize any! No need to worry anymore, this post will help you to idealize your dream home whether you are starting from the scratch or renovating it. You can furnish your house so lavishly that when your relatives arrive at your new home, their compliments will never stop.
Read these fabulous ideas and beautify your home with a complete new chic look. The list is mentioned below:
Wallpapers and floorings:

Decorating walls with murals has become a kind of a hottest thing right now. We have seen heavy artwork on many celebrities’ homes which are very inspiring. It adds great ambience and great sense of fashion at your home. It can be designed in your halls to add more beauty because this is where your whole family reunites. You can add tinted tiles or maybe 3D styled carpet to make it look more artistic.

Monochromatic art:

Let the walls speak to you. Pick a blank wall and add monochromatic design. No need to add more decoration like smalls shells or flower pot because the wall art will emerge itself without any need of any decorative material. Add symmetrical shapes or a painting of a moon lurking from the sky from between the clouds. You can create your own ideas and make the beauty come to life.

Sculptural elements:

Add small sculptures in every room to give it a sophisticated look. You can simply use hand carved sculpture, retro metal miniatures, or unique god or goddess’s decor statue or cute cup and saucers. There are thousands of ideas waiting, you just have to find it.

Vintage Fabrics:

Vintage styles are back in fashion. Add vintage themed fabrics to make your rooms classier. You can use animal prints, geometric art, floral designs, and many more.


Add colourful patterns which speak about certain culture or arts or just some geometric designs which creates an illusion.
Quirky lighting:

Show off your talent by using colourful LED lights on your ceilings and create designs like crystal clear pendants or chandeliers. You can also use lights to highlight some amazing wall painting or antique show pieces. Add cute lamps besides every bed which can match your bedroom theme.

Crafted furniture:

Add creative furniture which can look classy and artsy at the same time. It is up to you if you want to add minimalistic shelves on the walls.


Make the windows wider, with good decent frames so that it doesn’t cause any distraction to the outside view. The suns light in the morning will lit up your house and make it look livelier. The French windows will be perfect and compliment the landscapes outside your house.

Take your creativity to a whole new level by decorating your home using these amazing ideas. Take inspiration from modern art and create a paradise for your family.